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Attitude Towards Decentralized Electricity Generation

A study by MPW Institute LLC

Decentralized electricity generation is supposed to solve several problems faced by today’s electricity markets and networks. It is also one of the main contributors to the reduction of CO2 -emissions and the improvement of energy efficiency. No wonder, most countries around the world have adopted legislative measures to promote decentralized electricity generation.

But at the same time, those promoting the traditional centralized energy system make their claims: Who will pay grid fees if the rich generate their own electricity and go off-grid? How can grid-stability be safeguarded with more and more renewable energy fluctuating into the grid? In other words: How can the old powers stay in control?

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

The MPW-Study: The energy services market 2022

Two years ago, we first examined the development of the market for energy services.

Our findings have been used as an authoritative assessment of the market by the European Commission to assess the market in Germany.

The world has moved on and the challenges have increased. We have updated our findings, now looking at the period until 2022.

The study can be downloaded free of charge here.

Smart Home/ Smart Energy iOS Apps - Ready for Energy Services?

Controlling applications and energy use from a smart phone or tablet is no more a vision - it is state of the art. The apps needed to provide this ability vary greatly in scope, approach and usability.

This study is providing a quick overview about the major attributes of these apps with a special focus on what we call ‘energy services readiness’.

This attribute is derived from our vision that in the future the energy market will gradually be transformed into a market for energy services. This significant development can be described as a shift from selling kilowatt hours to selling energy services like heated rooms, lighted offices and air conditioned apartments. Energy services might even include selling TVs including the electricity needed for five years, thus representing life cycle cost of an appliance and in this way allowing a customer to make purchasing decisions based on this information, and not the initial purchase price only.

We believe that this development is made possible by the emerging of ‘smart’ technologies that enable the measurement of energy usage with direct control of various appliances.

The study breaks down the concept of ‘energy services readiness’ into attributes that are already available in smart meter and smart home apps. You will find it interesting to figure out the market leaders and how these key players contribute to this rapidly developing market.

Smart home / smart energy iOS apps - Ready for energy services?

A study by the MPW Institute LLC: The energy services market 2020

The European market for energy services is set to grow. European Union policies and German legislation describe this objective as a major step on the way to achieving energy efficiency goals by 2020.

However that may be, even in the flagship country of Germany current developments in the market for energy services are failing to come up to expectations, with inadequate and obstructive legal frameworks, information deficits and the general economic climate being cited as reasons for the lack of a more positive market development. There has admittedly been no adequate previous research into what other aspects might also be hindering market growth.

There is also a need to clarify and establish which developments could be actively taken up by the industry to improve the range of energy services by 2020 to the point where larger markets can be opened up.

The study by the MPW Institute LLC is based on a survey of some 600 energy service managers. It focuses on the opinions of the respondents on the following aspects of development up to 2020: market growth, changes in the provider structure, obstacles to growth, factors that will drive development, the importance of smart technologies, mass-market capability and risk allocation.

The Energy Services Market 2020: A Study by the MPW Institute LLC on energy service concepts.

A study by the MPW Institute LLC: Energy contracting in the housing sector in Germany

Residential properties are an attractive customer segment for energy services in general and for energy contracting in particular given the continued significant modernisation backlog, and many energy service providers have recognised this.

But even though almost 70% of all energy contracting projects are happening in residential property, this market still offers plenty of business potential. The MPW study offers answers to the questions of which obstacles property owners perceive as existing, and how energy service concepts can be successfully designed as a solution for the housing sector.

The study by the MPW Institute LLC is based on a survey of around 1300 managers on the first and second tiers of management in the housing industry in Germany. At the heart of the study are the views of respondents on energy contracting as an energy service in the following areas: levels of awareness and prevalence of energy contracting, completed projects, barriers and drivers, and respondents‘ expectations of energy service providers.

A management survey of the housing sector in Germany: a study by MPW Institute LLC on energy service concepts.