Solutions for Smart Energy

MPW develops business models for smart energy services. We combine market trends with legal, tax, financing and economic expertise.

The „Next Big Thing“ is combining energy services like heat supply or lighting with smart technologies, thus combining the following benefits:

  • Customer education by putting a price tag not on kWh but on energy services. This allows customers to directly link behavior with pricing. Example: Why not sell electricity for watching TV per hour? If the energy bill says 45.6 hours watching TV instead of kWh for the overall use, customers are able to rethink their behavior. This would go far beyond the impact new tariffs could have.
  • „Smart Energy Service Providers“ can optimize the grid impact of customer behavior in the background. They could optimize their electricity purchases by using new tariffs available in the market. They might even be able to control household appliances like fridges, freezers and others to balance the grid. New aspects like customers becoming „prosumers“, energy storage etc. can more easily be managed by „Smart Energy Service Providers“ aggregating these appliances than individuals doing this on their own.

Entering the market with MPW

  • Smart technology is on its way

    You can find "smart" things everywhere these days, whether in entertainment, in home security and safety, in home appliances or when talking about energy supply. You can hardly escape the theme, as the technology is constantly cheaper, more available and ubiquitous. The "Internet of Things" is concerning you and us alike. We at MPW see especially in the energy sector dramatic changes happening. New opportunities arise and you can use them.

  • ... but how do you enter the market?

    We believe that strong technology and a certain customer interest alone is not sufficient to create a market. You need business models that awe your customers and that come with long-term profit opportunities. This is not an easy task. If you are right now selling only electricity and gas or an interesting technology, it will be difficult in the future to really awe customers. Additionally, achieving sufficient profit opportunities will become more and more difficult.

  • Why should I offer smart energy services?

    We see the use of connected, smart technology as a real opportunity to develop new and lasting profit opportunities. These opportunities come for example by aggregating production and in demand-side. Your customers are increasingly appearing as producers and consumers at the same time, so called ‘‘prosumers”. To inspire these and other customer groups while simultaneously opening up the business opportunities from aggregating, you will succeed only with the supply of energy services.

  • What makes smart energy services so different?

    The point of sale when it comes to energy services is the use of energy, the benefit from energy. Warmth and comfort, the right temperature for after-work beer or a sense of security—things like that and much more are becoming your ‘goods’ to sell. Your customer purchases the benefit from useful energy and not commodities. At the same time costs become transparent and controllable in an unprecedented manner. And you simplify the life of your customers. What more could you want!

  • ... and what can we do for you?

    Business models

    We at MPW think in business models. Your business model must adapt to your strengths. It must convince your customers from the beginning. But you must also integrate partners. And in the end, it has to be profitable for you. We will work with you and contribute our experience and enthusiasm.


    Your idea must be described in a contract that your customer likes to sign. We can not only make contracts ‘right’, but also customer-friendly that are pleasant for your customers. And even for tricky questions we will find suitable solutions that fit you and your customers.


    We make sure that your ideas do not become a boomerang. The energy sector is highly regulated and other issues such as data protection, accounting or taxes, energy taxes and levies can annoy you quite a bit. We will help you to avoid pitfalls and to get it right from the beginning.

Energy service goes smart

Smart energy goes service

Watch the video and see what MPW can do for you! 

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