Solutions for the residential sector

One component of the energy transition is the energetic modernization of real estate. As energy-ahead-thinkers, we at MPW assist you in all matters relating to the residential sector. We advise housing industry companies, housing associations and condominium communities.


To keep operating costs allocable, attention must be paid to the tenancy requirements. For tenants no additional costs may arise.

MPW supports you in the planning and implementation of new concepts as part of the energy supply. We develop all necessary contracts that fit your company and your projects.

The study "Energy contracting in the housing sector in Germany" by the MPW Institute LLC is based on a survey of around 1300 managers on the first and second tiers of management in the housing industry in Germany. At the heart of the study are the views of respondents on energy contracting as an energy service in the following areas: levels of awareness and prevalence of energy contracting, completed projects, barriers and drivers, and respondents‘ expectations of energy service providers. The study "energy services in the housing industry" we have ind it past examined the barriers of realization of offers of energy service providers and may therefore rely on the information and experience obtained there.

Business models

A high proportion of the total rent are the energy costs. Significant savings can be achieved by optimizing the energy cost burden. With different concepts these goals can be realized.

Some examples are:

  • Switching to a commercial supply of heat
  • Tenant electricity
  • Introduction of a flat rate for energy costs+
  • Direct delivery
  • Reduction / stabilization of the utilities

Together we will examine whether and which concepts can be implemented for you.

Legal requirements

In the field of energy efficiency numerous innovations and commitments for the housing industry have been introduced in recent years.

We support you in meeting these conditions and to show - as far as possible - ways in which your commitment can be implemented economically sensible.

Even tax provisions, such as the extended trade tax reduction will be judged by us and adapted to your needs.

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