A study by the MPW Institute LLC: The energy services market 2020

The European market for energy services is set to grow. European Union policies and German legislation describe this objective as a major step on the way to achieving energy efficiency goals by 2020.

However that may be, even in the flagship country of Germany current developments in the market for energy services are failing to come up to expectations, with inadequate and obstructive legal frameworks, information deficits and the general economic climate being cited as reasons for the lack of a more positive market development. There has admittedly been no adequate previous research into what other aspects might also be hindering market growth.

There is also a need to clarify and establish which developments could be actively taken up by the industry to improve the range of energy services by 2020 to the point where larger markets can be opened up.

The study by the MPW Institute LLC is based on a survey of some 600 energy service managers. It focuses on the opinions of the respondents on the following aspects of development up to 2020: market growth, changes in the provider structure, obstacles to growth, factors that will drive development, the importance of smart technologies, mass-market capability and risk allocation.

The Energy Services Market 2020: A Study by the MPW Institute LLC on energy service concepts.

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