A study by the MPW Institute LLC: Energy contracting in the housing sector in Germany

Residential properties are an attractive customer segment for energy services in general and for energy contracting in particular given the continued significant modernisation backlog, and many energy service providers have recognised this.

But even though almost 70% of all energy contracting projects are happening in residential property, this market still offers plenty of business potential. The MPW study offers answers to the questions of which obstacles property owners perceive as existing, and how energy service concepts can be successfully designed as a solution for the housing sector.

The study by the MPW Institute LLC is based on a survey of around 1300 managers on the first and second tiers of management in the housing industry in Germany. At the heart of the study are the views of respondents on energy contracting as an energy service in the following areas: levels of awareness and prevalence of energy contracting, completed projects, barriers and drivers, and respondents‘ expectations of energy service providers.

A management survey of the housing sector in Germany: a study by MPW Institute LLC on energy service concepts.

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