Our mission statement

We serve and perform in adherence with high ethical norms, with the target of increasing the success of our clients.

The target: Increasing the success of our clients

Our activity must provide benefits. Apart from the immediate economic benefits, this means above all the reduction of complexity. Our target defines our understanding of quality. Quality is what our client needs and expects. We work for the success of our clients. We measure our success on the success of our clients.

The path: Service and performance

For us, service means the willingness to serve. We meet everyone on a level playing field, in a partnerlike and friendly manner. We provide more than is expected of us. We advise actively and inform preventatively. We provide complete and comprehensive services.

Our service is shown in professional excellency, adherence to deadlines and effectiveness. We are highly productive, because we concentrate on what is important. We are highly productive, because we provide, demand and promote talents and specialisations. Our services are innovative and influential.

The framework: Adherence to high ethical norms

Our dealings with clients, employees, shareholders and the public are characterised by integrity. We are honest, law abiding and trustworthy partners. The conviction that people are able, willing and trustworthy characterises our company culture. We will not act for clients who produce morally questionable products, or provide those kind of services. We do not accept any jobs, whose targets are not achievable without damaging our integrity.

Realisation of our mission statement

We realise our mission statement based on laws and statements of professional organisations and generally recognised bodies. Together, we create practice standards that describe our goal and our path and form our framework to achieving the goal. We are continually further developing these standards.

We collect information about professionally excellent and effective procedures, which we take into account in our day-to-day work. We give each other feedback and continually help each other to improve.

We observe the adherence to joint practice standards and the consideration of information. Due to the transparency achieved in this way, we further build on our trust. Practice standards and information are available to everyone in the company. From this, we derive a closed quality management system, on the basis of our mission statement.

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