Smart Home/ Smart Energy iOS Apps - Ready for Energy Services?

Controlling applications and energy use from a smart phone or tablet is no more a vision—it is state of the art. The apps needed to provide this ability vary greatly in scope, approach and usability.

This study is providing a quick overview about the major attributes of these apps with a special focus on what we call ‘energy services readiness’.

This attribute is derived from our vision that in the future the energy market will gradually be transformed into a market for energy services. This significant development can be described as a shift from selling kilowatt hours to selling energy services like heated rooms, lighted offices and air conditioned apartments. Energy services might even include selling TVs including the electricity needed for five years, thus representing life cycle cost of an appliance and in this way allowing a customer to make purchasing decisions based on this information, and not the initial purchase price only.

We believe that this development is made possible by the emerging of ‘smart’ technologies that enable the measurement of energy usage with direct control of various appliances.

The study breaks down the concept of ‘energy services readiness’ into attributes that are already available in smart meter and smart home apps. You will find it interesting to figure out the market lead- ers and how these key players contribute to this rapidly developing market.

Smart home / smart energy iOS apps - Ready for energy services?

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